image/svg+xmlSolving Money Problems The Law of Giving All problems that appear on the outside have their cause inside, in mental attitudes and their corresponding actions and behavior patterns. The cause of problems and suffering must be solved internally. In this special case which we call money problems it is important to understand what leads to this situation. In order to solve money troubles you must know and understand the spiritual laws of business life. The natural idea that arises is that if I am able to get more then I get out of the trouble. The mind is occupied with "how to get more". But this attitude is not solving the problem. The root cause of all money problems is the unconscious idea of lacking, that you can't or have nothing to give and that you are in need! Due to this inner attitude you avoid giving in all aspects. Instead you focus totally on recieving of getting something at the lowest costs. Life is a mirror. It reflects all and thus you experience what you do to others and to the world. The more you take the more is taken away from you which increases the idea that you are in need, etc. It's a vicious circle that makes things worse and worse. But as soon as you know and understand the spiritual laws behind it you can step out. The rest of the article is about how to get out of this mental structure. First, the idea of lacking is a lie. The universe and life itself exist in abundance. The truth of you and life as such is abundance. Lacking is a dream of the mind. What you give increases! As soon as you focus totally on giving, on serving others and the whole in all aspects of your life, things will change. It is a mental shift. Jobs and gain are only side effects of your mental attitude and loving actions towards your customers, towards others! Start working even if you still have no job, no order! Keep working all the time to keep the energy flowing. This openness, this flowing of energy will attract customers and jobs in ways you cannot percieve with your normal senses, it works on subtl layers. It works through your heart, in fact what happens is that by continuous working and serving you will open more and more and with your open heart more Love can flow. This Love potential attracts others, because Love attracts. So, this is the basic mechanism. It cannot be misused, it does not work, if your goal is money in secret. It works only in your honest interest of helping, sharing, loving. Work is not for money making. Work is love in action. Instead of thinking about money, do something for others. The crucial point is to really do something to get the energy flowing. It is all about giving. If you practice this inside yourself by more and more creating this loving, helping, sharing attitude and at the same time keep on working you will be soon bombarded with requests, contracts, jobs and orders that you won't believe it.
image/svg+xmlIt works only if your work is in harmony with existence. If you work for assurance companies, banks, arms industry, secret services, advertising agencies or other dark areas you will accumulate negative karma and you are on a totally wrong way. A real life example: a friend of mine did a web project for a debt collecting agency. What happenend a few months later? He experienced dramatic financial problems and had to ask others for help. He experienced exactly what he supported by his work. There are enough companies which serve real needs of society. Just direct your energy in that way I have described and all will be arranged for you automatically. You don't need to try to find customers, customers will find you if you constantly care for others by your continuous work wether within a project or within your spare time. You can trust this. Existence will take care of you if you take care of others and if your primary goal is to serve the whole! Become accustomed to this sharing, giving, loving attitude. Forget about yourself. Your own needs will be fulfilled automatically, you don't have to care about it. If you focus on your own needs it is as if you would cut a power line. The current cannot flow. If you focus on others and fulfill their needs the power line is connected and the current flows. There will happen spiritual tests. One could be that you did great work but the customer doesn't pay the bill for whatever reason. What will you do? Don't ever engage in legal conflicts, don't go to court ever! Just let it go, forget about it, concentrate on the next project. Don't fight in any way, it will not help you at all. Instead it will cost you valuable energy and pull you down. Remember, it's only a test if you keep on loving or if you fall back into dispute and fighting. I have gone through such spiritual lessons myself. Thousand an one ways to give and share more every day! It is fun to be successful, it is fun to give and share. As soon as we have all learned this lesson we don't need money any more. It will disappear from our planet earth finally. Love and sharing don't need any money. Enjoy the flow!